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                        Name                                       :         DOMENICO

Surname                                   :         CAMASSA

Date  of Birth                             :         18-11-1964

Place of Birth                           :            LATIANO

                        Nationality                                :          ITALIAN

                        Higth                                        :         1m 78cm

Weigth                                     :         80KG

Profession                                :          COACH

Possition                                 :          TECNICA DIRECTOR

                        Etat Civil                                  :           Maried

Hobby                          :         Football

Present Club                          :         Mordena Calcio (Italia)

Previous Clubs                        : Polisportiva Nonatola Calcio (Italia)

Santa Brigida Calcio (Italia)

Stages :                                     Milan –Napoli- Perugia- Fiorentina

Worked together with PHILIP Trousier  in Marseille

Experiens as Player :                Casarano Calcio (Italia)

Soliera Calcio (Italia)

Carpi Calcio (Italia)

Languages Speaking :                   Italian and French

Refrees :                                         Call the Italian Football Association for more informations


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