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ORTEGA HECTOR ALBERTO                       


Date  of Birth:     30-11-1955

Place of Birth:     Parana

                        Nationality:         Argentina

                        Higth:                 1m 71cm

Weigth:              65kg

Profession:         Techica Director of Football

Certificat :           Licence B/A ,UEFA , and Master  that obtain this year 2004

                        Etat Civil :           Maried            

Hobby :               Football



Primary school :   Instituty n°11 pcia de Santa Fè Parana-Argentina 1968

Scondary school : Perito Mercantil/Institude Cristo Redentor/Parana-Argentina 1973

University sturdy : Economy-commerce,1and2 years the littoral national university

 Santa fc Argentina 1974/1975

 Course as Director Technica of Football division one in Argentina

Avalado-Ministere of education ,rialisation in 1988/1989 course that permit to enter in Calcio Serie Aand B in Italia

Course as Technica Director Professional :Football Italia CategoryB/A

CORDE as TECHNICA DIRECTOR numero 133 of 27/02/1996 expiyer in 2096


                                                   ACTIVITIES  AS FOOTBALLER

 Periode 1965/1975

Institution :Club Atletico Parana (ER)Argentina division inferio in primary division

Periode 1985/1986

Institution :Lanciano Calcio(CH) Italia .League Inter RegionalC2

Institution :Sportif Martinsicure (TE)Italia promotion League


Periode 1976

Institution :Club Atletico Union Santa fè Argentina

Division one League 23Games played

 Periode 1977

Institution :ClubAtletico Union Santa fè Argentina

Division one League 27 Games played

Periode 1978

Institution :Club Union Santa fè Argentina

Division one League 29 Games played

Periode 1980

Institution :Club Atletico Sarmiento Junin  (Bs.As)Argentina

First Division 27Games  played

Periode  1981

Institution :Club Atletico Sarmiento Junin  (Bs.As)Argentina

First Division 30Games  played

Periode 1982

Institution :Club Atletico Newel’sOlds Boys(S.Fè) Argentina

Division one League 20 Games played

Periode 1982/1983

Institution :Club Atletico Huracan Buenos Aires.Argentina

Division one League 30 Games played

Periode 1984

Institution :Club Atletico Temperley Buenos Aires Argentina

Division one League 23 Games  played


                                                 NATIONAL SELECTION

Started playing in national team Senior World Cup (Pele Cup)

Played against the Austria and Italia

The Games

 Argentina-Austia   /Argentina –Uruguay / Argentina-Germany



Periode 1988/1990

Technica Director of school of Football (Diego A)Parana Argentina

 Team : S.S Martinsicuro division one year 1991/1992 1st division Argentina

Team : S.S Martinsicuro division one year 1993/19994 1st division Argentina

Team :Santegidiese Calcio division one year 1994/1995 1st division Italia

Team :S.F Nereto Calcio division one year 1995/1996 1st division Italia

Team : AS Sambenedettese Calcio division one year 1996/0997 1st division Italia

Team : SS Altamura Calcio division one year 1997/1998 1st division Italia

Team :SS Renato Angolana Calcio division one year  1998/1999 1st Italia

Team :Tricase Calcio division one year 1999/2000 1st division Italia

Team : Scecilia Calcio division one year 2000/2001 1st division Italia

Team :Fermana Calcio division one year 2001/2002 1st division Italia

Team :Sampdoria Calcio division one year 2002/2003 1st division Italia

Team : Pescara Calcio second division year 2003/2004 as selection of players



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